• Larry Hughey

Important message about cleaning chemicals

Updated: 6 days ago

We have been in the cleaning business for about 40 years.

Over the years we have always done our best to keep up with the ever changing

world of chemicals. I remember when simple green was the product of choice.

Also Oxi clean was very big in the day. I trust the men and women at advantage the experts in clean. Mike Bonwell and his sister Kristin are experts in the field of cleaning. I always enjoy visiting Advantage on Guion road to see the latest in equipment and cleaning techniques. Also Jane Hamilton a sales rep for Neutron Industries. Just recently I purchased a case of the Triple Quick from Jane. It is a very powerful disinfection cleaner.

With everything going on please come into our showroom so I can explain the properties of this cleaner for keeping areas clean of the deadly virus COVID-19

as of October 12, 2020 in Marion County we have 23,351 cases and 824 deaths. In the world we have 7.79 M cases and 215 K deaths

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