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Hi My name is Larry Hughey.  I am 69 years young and the grandson of E.P. Hartman who started the business in 1921.  My father Emerson D. Hughey bought grandpa out in 1962 and ran the company until he passed on April 15, 2017.  I was given the reins in 2010 and that is when I moved the company to Carmel, IN.

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My Story

I got my start in 2010.  I decided to start my own cleaning business.  I called it Larry Hughey's Interior Refurbishing.  I love to clean because it is instant gratification.  My father got a call from a designer at American States Insurance which is now SAFECO.  They wanted someone to recover there office panels.  I got the job and was on site for a year and 8 months.  I was making very good money and even to this day can not surpass that kind of money.  After that project finished I started doing work for different restaurants.  I was home based for 10 years with a very small work space.  As time went on I asked my father if I could come back down to his plant.  Hughey Hartman Interiors at that time was located at 5335 N. Winthrop Ave.  The plant was huge.  Thirteen thousand square feet.  I moved my shop into the back building.


Please feel free to contact me with your concerns or questions.


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